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Energy Drinks-General Introduction

  • Energy drinks have suddenly taken the market of beverage by storm
  • This type of non-carbonated drink has shrunk the carbonated soft drink market in a short period of time
  • Energy drinks claim to be a healthier beverage choice
  • The energy beverage industry targets towards those people who need some sort of energy boost


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history of energy drinks

  • Targets of the marketing research are younger audiences, mostly students, young professionals, and people on-the-go

  • Energy drinks became significant in 1997 with products like Red Bull and similar products

  • In Japan and UK, energy drinks were known for as far as the early 1960s


The primary consumer group of energy drinks includes extreme sports enthusiasts, young adults and teenagers, and the hip hop crowd. This may be the result as to why many energy drinks are sponsored or created by extreme sports teams, hip hop stars, etc.
This crowd is a group excited by speed, energy, flash, and instant thrill.

target market

Energy drinks are mainly targeted towards those who need some sort of energy boost. Now everyone is susceptible to the fatigue of the super-charged, over-worked lifestyle, but young people are especially vulnerable to persistent exhaustion and insufficient energy.


Conclusion - Energy Drinks are here to stay!

More and more people will replace their carbonated soft drinks
by something “healthier” – non-carbonated drinks

Young adults are the subjective group for the energy drink market.